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Monday, April 11, 2011

April Horse Health Day

We had our annual Horse Health Day yesterday with Dr. Stuart McCall, DVM.

Thanks Doc for taking the time to tell us all about worming, vaccinating and how to administer them. Our 4-H members had an opportunity to try their hand at vaccinating, not so hard was it? Great job! Dr. McCall also gave us an in depth lesson of why and when to float teeth as well as answering questions on other general horse health care issues.

Here are some shots, no pun intended, from the day!

With Stuart Mc Call, DVM

Friday, March 18, 2011

Round House Feed

For the third year in a row the Turquoise Trail Wranglers 4-H Club has answered the community service call of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association and collaborating with Santa Fe County Wide Horizons and Five Star 4-H Clubs have been an integral part of the annual Round House Legislative Feed.

Thanks to all our hard working 4-Hers and parents for once again being part of an annual community service event.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chad Winters Memorial 4-H Ranch Rodeo

October 10th, 2010 was our 2nd Annual Chad Winters Memorial Ranch Rodeo

Preparation started the day before the rodeo...

Setting up the chuckwagon under the direction of Chuckwagon Master Mr. Carl Hawkins, and Bonanza Creek Ranch Manager, Steve Price some of our 4-H kids learned how to set up the fly by swinging a sledge hammer to set the stakes - good job boys!

Mr. Hawkins teaches all about some useful knots.

The big day, after several practice dates the kids were ready. We began with the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer for the safety of all, some rules of the road, and the teams with their team captains were off.

Our Horses for Heroes - Cowboy Up! veterans assisted in all the activities and most importantly cheered the kids on!

First event was the trail course

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

The second event was Goat Tying where teams split the duties of roping, flanking and tying their goat. The goat had to remain tied for 6 seconds.

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Third event was Branding. Riders tracked and hazed cattle into the stripping chute where the teammates waited to place a brand (of paint) on the steers side all under the watchful eyes of Mr. Henry McKinley, 81 years young.

Fourth event was Ranch Sorting where the entire mounted team took turns quietly entering the cattle herd and sorting one out at a time, move them across a line while the rest of the team held the herd. This was repeated until every team member had completed their sort.

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Photo by: Connie Jo Mitchell

Awards...! Through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Winters, Chad's parents, beautiful award ribbons were presented to each participant.

Chow Time - the kids learn the cowboy's cardinal rule, "Never argue with a mule, a skunk or the cook!"

Kyle Mascarenas brought his brand of magic to our Ranch Rodeo - Thanks Kyle!

Group Photo - Fun had by all!!!