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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November's Meeting

It wasn't cold at all, Really!!!

Our Wranglers came out regardless of the winter day we that last Sunday in November - yes they are troopers and this just shows you what it means to be a horseman - you ride as long as the skies permit because you are dedicated to your horses, your riding and to your learning! Well done!

Wrangler Trey started us off as he lead us in our Pledge Allegiance followed by his mom, Miss Connie who lead us in our 4-H Pledge - this is the header to our blog, so get familiar with it as we may call on you next to lead us next time! We all brought each other up to date with what we have been working on since last we met and we even welcomed three new members, Isabell, Trevor and Justin!

We wanted to express our thanks to the Cummings boys who helped set up all the poles for the Trail course, you boys were great help! Big thanks goes to our rock'in 4-H parents Miss Connie, Mr. Grant and Mr. Richard who came out and helped not only set up the trail course, but instructed and helped the wranglers through the obstacles - we had pole crossing, gate opening/closing, backing between poles, bridge crossing, and even log pulling. This gives the horses good mind exercise and coordination. A special thanks to Mr. Henry for coming out and being part of the day as he tirelessly guided our kids and their horses over the bridge obstacle, and gave some professional safety advice on how to tie a rope to ones saddle. And last but not least To Miss Susan and her son Dillon for bringing hot refreshments and snacks for our hard working wranglers!

My partner in camera crime - Thank you Miss Mary!

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