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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Santa Fe County Fair

Well, yes it was pretty early in the morning but our Wranglers turned out for day 2 of our county fair and did a great job providing breakfast for hungry 4-H 'rs and their families. Thanks to Miss. Nancy D. our kitchen manager, Mr. Rick Iannucci along with Mr. Jim Vidamour and son Wyatt on the grill, Miss Angela Flores , Miss Debbie Romero and Miss Connie Mitchell our Breakfast Burrito Queens, Cris Iannucci making cents and sense out of the cash register, Shania Borrego and Matt Flores keeping the coffee and juice flowing,Miss Diane Clare along with Miss Kathy Mueller and Danielle, keeping the pots and pans sparkling, Miss Lorri Bradford and Mariah, (filling in for big sister Jessica away at finals) providing window service with a smile, Miss Mary Sexton along with the Marmon gang led by Miss Judith and Mr. Dave, N'jemena, David, Livingston and Torah keeping up the prep work and our great runners and servers, Brandon Clare and the Mitchell brothers Trey and Sterlin . You all were an awesome team. Uh, I guess we need to open up a restaurant now???

Our very own Turquoise Trail Wrangler with his eyes on the judge, showing us what "Showing" is all about during Goat Showmanship on Thursday. Looks like you learned a lot at Livestock school this year. Good job Brandon!

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