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Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Summer Fun!

We had a fun filled morning with the Arts Alive folks at the Museum of International Folk Art on Tuesday the 28th - we made Batik!

Creating batik fabrics is truly an art form and has been practiced in Indonesia for thousands of years. Batik is a method of patterning fabric by using a wax resist method. Where there is wax on the fabric, dye cannot penetrate.

Traditionally the application of the wax to the fabric is done with a fine-tipped tool called a "tjanting tool" that allows the artist to draw an image free-hand in melted wax or a design can be applied by using a "tjap" (pronounced "chop"), which is a stamp made of formed metal (or sometimes from wood). The stamp is dipped into melted wax and repeatedly pressed onto pre-dyed or raw fabric.

The Arts Alive Team provided all the traditional tools as well as ones from Africa and thankfully even the simple paintbrush for those of us who were "tjanting tool" challenged. They also provided all the materials, the fun colors and even the fabric to make our very own handmade batik.

Thank you to Rachel and her team of helpers for all the instruction and a special thank you to Patricia Sigala, the Folk Art Muesum's Outreach Educator for putting together such a well organized and fascinating event.

Museum of International Folk Art:

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MOIFA said...

Thank you for coming! We had fun too!