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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arena Building 101

On a warm day last November I began clearing a section of land on our ranch that would become the home arena for the Turquoise Trail Wranglers 4-H Club. Following stump removal and dirt work by Monty Fasnaught, Tom Faulkner, local contractor, horseman and all around good friend Kenny Tomlinson as well as our welder, roper, and master of disaster our brother Chad Winter and his assistant Danny Saiz jumped in to drill holes and weld three semi loads of steel pipe to create what is now a 150' X 260' regulation PRCA Rodeo Arena complete with bucking chutes, roping chute and boxes along with cattle return and trap. This will now be the only dedicated arena of its kind for the exclusive use of Santa Fe County 4-H clubs.

Following are some photos showing our progress along the way...

Three semi loads of pipe await us on cleared land. March 2008

Kenny, Rick and Chad drilling the holes for the uprights.

First uprights in and ready to go.

Danny and 4-H'er fabricating the bucking chutes.

Danny welding the gateway for the stripping chute and cattle trap.

Backing into the box for a roping chute test run. April 2008

Chad and Kenny assembling our rustic "powder rooms".

Our delux outhouses open for business.

Cattle moooving in - Thanks Mr. Henry McKinley!!!

Hanging out our shingle. Our new sign courtesy of local wrangler Nancy D.

Very special thanks also to: Henry & Peg McKinley, Bonanza Creek Ranch owners Imogene & Richard Hughes, Ranch Manager and my padner' Steve Price, Clint Mortenson of Mortinson Silver & Saddles, and Richard Slaughter.

Thanks all!

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isai said...

id like to say im sorry for the loss we have aquired chad winters was a good hand and tolerant of others im one of those and for that im sorry i hope he knows that some how id like to contribute to his cause there with yall ill be in touch again sorry for our loss